The Arrangement

February’s theme was: A book with a love triangle. Mary Jo Strimer’s pick was The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn. She hadn’t read the book before but knew it was a national bestseller. While many of us didn’t necessarily identify with the characters in the book, that doesn’t mean we didn’t laugh throughout! Especially when it came to the character of Sunny Bang. New book club member Lauren Branch pointed out that there’s a similar character to Sunny in the sitcom “American Housewife”… which makes sense because the author was a writer on the show. The Audio book also proved to be somewhat problematic when it came to reinforcing stereotypes when differentiating Sunny’s character from the others.

We all got a good laugh out of a scene in a Church and Emily Gallery shared that she’s been to a church blessing of the animals, but never saw any as wild as llamas and chickens!

Wild woman Izzy brought out a lot of opinions! Mary Oldham shared the idea that Izzys ex husband’s desk represented her abandonment issues in the past. Sujal felt the desk represented masculinity and Izzy was stealing a piece of it. Both Lauren and Elise pointed out that the author seemed to really sink her heels in when it came to traditional gender roles. So much so, that the only character who broke those norms (woman doctor) was almost vilified.

Many of us wanted more development of secondary characters and we had hoped there would be a more clear overlap of the stories. Would Gordon end up with Lucy? None of us quite saw it happening, but we wanted to see it anyway!

Whether we liked or disliked the book, we all agreed it was an easy read that we would enjoy in television form. And the question lingers… Can you lose an eye from a bee sting??

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