Where the Crawdads Sing

January’s book club was well attended, we even welcomed a new member Sujal who added a lot to the conversation. Despite being spread out across the country, it’s such a comfort knowing we are all experiencing a book together.

Mary Hageman Oldham picked the book and we all agreed that it’s our new favorite read! The Group discussed themes of Isolation, Generosity and Hurt. Aren’t we all in some way The Marsh Girl? Not trusting, hurt by someone in the past and eager for connection. Not to mention cherishing the friends who go out of their way for you (especially Jumpin’! what a great character.)

A few of us were shocked by the ending (I won’t give it away) and a few members were somewhat tortured by the lingering question: what happened to her dad and what does it mean that we never found out? Elise and Maureen suggested that spoke to the Independent nature of Kaya that she didn’t need to dwell on someone who had hurt rather than helped her.

We became aware that Reese Witherspoon is making a movie out of the book, and new member Sujal asked: would you rather it be a movie or a Netflix series? I think we all agreed: the more of this we can get, the better! Mary even suggested a 2nd book! prequil perhaps? I, too would like to know more.

Several book club members wished for more details of exactly what happened “that night” of the murder, but it looks like we may never get it.

Thanks for Mary for bringing this wonderful book to our shelves! It’s certainly one to go back and re-read years from now when I need to imagine the feeling of marsh between my toes!

Wanna join book club? find the group on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2660618297587360

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