To Kill A Mockingbird

April book club was great! The theme was: A book you were supposed to read in school, but didn’t. Maureen picked To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Emily Umble pointed out that this also falls into the category of banned books, and the group agreed what a shame that is. Despite the use of a particularly hateful word, the group mostly agreed that its used for educational reasons.

Sujal pointed out that Boo Radley was played by Robert Duval in the movie and my mind was blown! I truly didn’t recognize him. Lauren and I were interested in diagnosing Boo… was he Agoraphobic? Why was his family keeping him say from the community?

When it came to the trial, unfortunately we all predicted the outcome but still wished it could have been different. Jem took the verdict hard, we assumed because as he aged chapter by chapter, he learned that justice isn’t always served.

Lauren burst Tylers bubble by warning us about reading Harper Lee’s other book Go Set a Watchman. She basically said it would make us hate Atticus so most of us will pass.

Sujal drew interesting parallels with the origin of Calpurnia’s name and her relationship in the family.

There was a lot of talk about race, pride in family names and how times haven’t changed enough.

All and all we loved the book, even if we’ve read it before!

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