Crazy House by James Patterson

Blog guest written by Tyler Brown

After taking a summer off to accommodate our members’ busy schedules, Book Club came back strong! Our theme this month was “a thriller or suspenseful novel.” Tyler chose this month’s read, and he selected Crazy House by James Patterson. As the cover suggests, the book was compared to the next Hunger Games. We at Book Club had some interesting opinions on this view, and we enjoyed our in-depth conversation of this quick read.

We all became invested in the story of Becca and Cassie, from their kidnap to their escape and rescue to their re-entry into “Crazy House.”  We agreed that The Kid was one of our favorite characters.  Although his role was short, it was important and reminded us of that fear-no-evil neighborhood kid you can find in any holler in Appalachia.  While we didn’t necessarily agree that this was a parallel to the Suzanne Collins trilogy in which we all previously indulged, we did enjoy that the short chapters constantly left us wanting more and wondering what would happen next.  The climax and end of the novel left more to be desired–and we may learn all that happened on our own in the sequel!

Next month, our theme is “a novel centered around or about a family.” Elise has chosen The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. We hope to see you there and join us for our discussion!

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