How is it possible to make a murderous stalker sexy? Leave it to Netflix to figure out how! At first glance (from the trailer), “You” seems like a typical story about a creepy guy from Brooklyn whom nobody wants to be around because he’s, well, creepy. Just look at his eyes! But on the contrary, Joe is a bit of a chameleon who can conform to any mold and fit into any friend group but still appear an “old soul.” He pulls this off by being romantic, showing his love for kids, old books and staying off social media. Sure, he occasionally traps and keeps people in a large plexiglass box, but we all have our flaws.

Given that the series is narrated by Joe himself, always addressing the object of his affection, it’s so easy to see things from his point of view when we are privy to his thought process and planning. At one point I even found myself saying things like “yeah, he can’t let you out of the box, you’ll go to the cops!” yelling at my screen like a guy on football Sunday with no athletic abilities himself. I was occasionally even rooting for Joe at the demise of a snob jogging in the park. Am I identifying with Joe? Something to dissect with my therapist sometime.

The 2 season series (with a 3rd in the works) isn’t without flaws, of course. The occasionally unnecessary character name has annoyingly taken up space in my brain, only to disappear after a few episodes. Or scenes where I ask myself “what guy goes to brunch with his girlfriend’s friends… without her there?” Or not being able to separate Ambyr Childers (The Ambyr caught up in the Lala Kent, Randall, 50cent Instagram drama) from the character Candace. But with the occasional flaws, You is also punched up with fun celebrity cameos from time to time! John Stamos as the sexy pot smoking therapist with problems of his own, Kathy Griffin giving a eulogy and… did they just abbreviate Private Jet as “PJ” ?? That’s gotta be a LaLa Kent reference.

So far You is just as thrilling as the internet has suggested and even if you’re oblivious to these people or hidden gems, it’ll keep you on your toes.

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